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REATEK, s.r.o.

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REATEK Inflatables
911 01 Trenčín, SLOVAKIA
phone: +421 (0)32 3811 404
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PRICE 4,590.00 EUR

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Best prices by REATEK

Best price = favorable price and adequate quality!

1. Price estimate - specialy made for you

Our team will process a price offer to fit the requested budget - send us your requirements and we'll do everything to make a good and mutually beneficial business.

"customer forgets the price immediately after payment, but he remembers quality forever“...

2. We offer attractions at affordable prices

We sell only REATEK inflatables, which are solid quality, with fast delivery, so we ensure a faster ROI.

3. Everything is confirmed by contract

Everything is properly confirmed by both sides and signed/stamped  - confirmed quality + design + size + material and of course, delivery time.