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REATEK Inflatables
911 01 Trenčín, SLOVAKIA
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PRICE 4,590.00 EUR

Introduction » REATEK DESIGNS

Reatek design inflatables

REATEK design inflatables : your design = your unique inflatable

Are you looking for a unique inflatable product - whether for your hotel, motel, your company or your client?

Contact our team and we will create inflatable exactly according to your ideas - according to your criteria we can produce 3D design, edit the design and finally deliver you the finished product. Delivery max.20 working days.

Our company REATEK, Ltd., provides professional custom manufacturing, sale, rental and servicing of inflatable attractions and advertising in European markets under the brand REATEK inflatables - all inflatables REATEK complies with safety standards EN 14960 (Safety of attractions).

We supply all inflatables and inflatable advertising from CE, DIN, SGS, TUV certified materials customized to the requirements of our customers already in 12-15 working days.

If you do not find what you are looking for, get in touch with us by email / telephone and we will send you the relevant price list and catalog.

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PRICE 3,590.00 EUR


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