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REATEK Inflatables
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Sport inflatables Reatek

Our company - REATEK Inflatablesmanufactures and sells sport inflatables. We offer approximately 70 to 100 standard models of inflatable moonwalks, plus we offer custom made designs to meet the needs of each customer - we can adjust the dimensions, colors, logos or anything else.

REATEK Inflatables provides production of sport inflatables according to customer´s specifications, dimensions and requirements with delivery time only 12-15 working days and up to 3 years warranty.

REATEK Inflatables sport inflatables meet EU standards, are double stitched, the floor is made of PVC D-Tex material with 0,60mm thickness, and sport inflatable itself is made from 0.55 mm PVC D-tex material - high-quality, thick, waterproof PVC material with high UV resistance.

REATEK Inflatables catalogue of  sport inflatables only serves as an inspiration for you - we can arrange production of sport inflatables with any size and design! The delivery of each inflatable includes a blower – GIBBONS FANS, a transport bag and PVC repair kit.

Inflatable sport inflatables from REATEK: unbeatable price, flexibility and quick return on investment. We supply inflatable moonwalks in excellent quality from 999 EUR – 3 YEAR warranty!

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